VRAVO! Layered Slides

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – On November 06, 2018, VRidge Incorporated launched a new unique feature, VRAVO! 3D Layered Slides, supporting Adobe Photoshop Files.

This new feature allows any user to upload a standard layered Photoshop file to VRAVO! and automatically create awesome 3D slides based on the file layers.


Finally you don’t need 3D skills anymore to create awesome eye-catching 3D Slides, just upload your Photoshop file or separate PNG files, select your preferred animation, and that’s it, we couldn’t make it any easier!,“, said Carlos Vasquez, CEO at VRidge Inc.

Steps to create 3D Layered Slides in VRAVO!

  1. Create a standard layered Photoshop file
  2. Upload the PSD file to VRAVO!
  3. Choose animation style
  4. Remove or Add layers from PNG files
  5. Preview the 3D Layered Slide in VRAVO! Web platform
  6. Present


Interesting facts about Adobe Photoshop worldwide usage:

  • As of 2010, on its 20th anniversary, Photoshop had more than 10 million users worldwide
  • The Photoshop Facebook page has nearly seven million likes

In the late 1980’s and 1990’s, Photoshop was available on a floppy disk. The younger generation of today doesn’t even know how to use one of these. Fortunately for them, Photoshop has advanced over the years, ensuring that its technology is never outdated. There may be alternatives to Photoshop, but none have the same history of success. Photoshop has been going strong for nearly 30 years, and there is no reason to believe it will fall off the map over the next 30. It remains relevant and is here to stay

(source: Business.com)

Official video about this new awesome feature:


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